Why I, a male, millennial, and person of color, am voting for Hillary Clinton
Suneil Kamath

It’s ironic that the author chose to title his article in a way that identified his youth, gender and racial background, yet failed to address the issue that all young black males (should) specifically have with Hilary Clinton.


A politician’s ability to understand how an impoverished environment (ie. black and latino low income communities) influences crime is paramount to how they conceptualize, categorize, rebrand, and illustrate criminal behavior to the nation. In the video above, Clinton discusses predominantly black and latino gangs. This notion of a “super predator” is inflammatory rhetoric Hilary adopted by Republicans to rebrand the crimes committed by young people of color as a uniquely heightened pedigree of inhumanity. To perpetuate the idea that crimes by minority groups are inherently unconscionable, akin to evil, on a national platform, damages the Democratic party and divides American society.

Therefore, instead of providing an answer, the title of your article still begs the question… How could I (a black, male, millennial) support a candidate who referred to those that share my same youth, gender, and complexion, as a unique breed of “superpredators…no conscious, no empathy”? A candidate who spread such careless rhetoric and policies that affected the lives of young black youth, socially and financially (crime bill), does not necessarily deserve my vote.

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