8 things you didn’t know about Flight Attendants

So, what’s your first impression about the role of a Flight Attendant? You might think it’s a bit like a glorified customer service job, or that it’s all about beauty and looking good. You’d be surprised

Flight Attendants operate at the very heartbeat of Air New Zealand. Nobody has more of an impact on how our company is perceived, which is why Flight Attendants are so important to us, and why we look for people who genuinely aspire to fly.

Here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about what it is like to be a Flight Attendant with Air New Zealand.

1. You need to be able to swim, and swim well

To be a Flight Attendant with Air New Zealand, you must prove you can swim 50m in overalls in under two minutes. During our vigorous training school, all Flight Attendants need to prove their swimming ability.

2. You need to wear many hats

As a Flight Attendant you do so much more than just serve drinks. You take on the role of nurse, counsellor, babysitter, or emergency first responders… just to name a few.

3. You can respond in an emergency

Flight Attendants are trained to respond in an emergency. In the unlikely event of an emergency, it’s you that passengers turn to until the plane is safely on the ground.

4. Every day is different

It’s difficult to describe the day of a Flight Attendant. Who knows what challenges each day, or night for that matter, will bring.

5. You must be naturally caring

Many of our Flight Attendants do what they do for the love of people. If you ask them why they love their job, more than likely they will say they enjoy making a difference and giving customers the best possible on-board experience.

6. You could come from a plethora of career backgrounds

From models to chefs, Flight Attendants come from a range of backgrounds and careers. Have a look at the CVs of some of our Flight Attendants and you’d be surprised by their previous jobs.

7. It’s not as glamorous as it looks

In between being presentable and being everything to our passengers, as a Flight Attendant you have to get some of the less glamorous jobs done too, like cleaning the toilets.

8. At altitude, you make friends for life!

Travelling together, sightseeing together, and working together to make every journey for every passenger a great one is a fantastic way of forging great friendships.

Do you aspire to fly? Now that you know more, come and join our team. Apply now at the Air New Zealand Careers site.

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