LocalKSM.com will enable access to the Kusama network around the world by enabling people to freely buy and sell their KSM with their preferred payment methods! LocalKSM is purely p2p and will help users de-risk their transactions by creating a multisig escrow between both peers. Transactions are de-risked by the aid of our mediation team which will work to resolve any disputes.

Decentralized p2p markets a gateway to the world:

One of the many virtues of p2p markets is that it enables access to pretty much anyone wherever there is community. In itself markets are permission-less as they operate parallel to any existing infrastructure. All payment methods are…

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Money was created as a medium of exchange for goods and services, to facilitate the exchange between people. But money has become part of a huge enterprise that involves various actors from big companies to governments, which may try their best but often neglect the most needed. Some restrictions as currency and capital controls and inaccessible and/or expensive digital payment methods affect the free market exchange of assets. This translates to a closed financial system in which people are not able to use, move and/or access money.

Air Protocol’s mission is to leverage public blockchains and their cryptocurrencies to enable…

Nitrogen Release with Stellar and Binance Chain Implementations

In this time of quarantine, closed borders, and isolation, we are proud to announce the release of Version 1.0 of the Air Protocol.

The Nitrogen code release includes a self-healing mesh network for negotiation of peer-to-peer fiat/crypto exchange, as well as implementations on both Stellar and Binance chains for onchain collateral that derisks performance by the offchain-performing party to the exchange.

Visit the Air Protocol Github to download the code and learn how you can run an Air Protocol node.

Air Protocol V.1.0: Nitrogen

It’s been 18 months since we kicked off development of a protocol for censorship-resistant and trust-minimized peer-to-peer on-chain/off-chain asset exchange…

On-ramps to Freedom

We are Jorge, Cris, Tim, and Ceci, co-founders of the Air Protocol, a censorship-resistant, trust-minimized, blockchain-agnostic open source protocol for crypto<=>fiat exchange.

Chilango Trio + SF Gringo

We’ve just completed a reference implementation of the Air Protocol on the Stellar blockchain (we’ll be pushing the code to the Air Protocol GitHub soon, so please join us there; in the meanwhile you can watch our Air Protocol Mesh technical demo.)

Given our imminent alpha release, we thought it’s high time to explain what the AP is, why we built it, and why we think it can unlock the economic potential of the Internet.

Air Protocol

p2p exchange & censorship resistant fiat on/off ramps

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