Nitrogen Release with Stellar and Binance Chain Implementations

In this time of quarantine, closed borders, and isolation, we are proud to announce the release of Version 1.0 of the Air Protocol.

The Nitrogen code release includes a self-healing mesh network for negotiation of peer-to-peer fiat/crypto exchange, as well as implementations on both Stellar and Binance chains for onchain…

On-ramps to Freedom

We are Jorge, Cris, Tim, and Ceci, co-founders of the Air Protocol, a censorship-resistant, trust-minimized, blockchain-agnostic open source protocol for crypto<=>fiat exchange.

Chilango Trio + SF Gringo

We’ve just completed a reference implementation of the Air Protocol on the Stellar blockchain (we’ll be pushing the code to the Air Protocol GitHub soon, so please join…

Air Protocol

p2p exchange & censorship resistant fiat on/off ramps

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