Why Air Protocol?

We are Jorge, Cris, Tim, and Ceci, co-founders of the Air Protocol, a censorship-resistant, trust-minimized, blockchain-agnostic open source protocol for crypto<=>fiat exchange.

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Air Protocol: Onramps to Freedom

Who Are We?

We are bitcoiners who fell in love with bitcoin when we understood that it was money that cannot be debased by the whims of politicians and central bankers.

Air Protocol Team

Air Protocol Genesis

The Air Protocol was conceived when President Nicolas Maduro attempted to stop Venezuelans from using Airtm, a bank-and-crypto-connected e-wallet that Jorge and Tim co-founded, along with Ruben, Ton, and Josh.

Airtm is a bank & blockchain-connected e-wallet.
Airtm’s P2P Exchange
Air Protocol: Onramps to Freedom

How Does the Air Protocol Work?

Marketplaces are a hallmark of human civilization, but existing Internet solutions exclude billions of people and have high fees. Giant payment networks and ecommerce platforms ban people they don’t like and prohibit whole industries.

Air Protocol Dapps
Air Protocol Flow: Mesh to Chain

On-Ramps to Freedom

Using the Air Protocol, anyone with a networked device will be able to offer their goods and services for sale to a global marketplace at free market rates. It will also empower entrepreneurs all over the world to create online exchanges and marketplaces that bring together Makers and Takers for asset exchange and the sale of goods and services, with any disputes resolved via mutually-agreed arbitrators who will judge the off-chain performance.

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p2p exchange & censorship resistant fiat on/off ramps