#dronehelpneeded — a call for action for the drone industry

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Sometimes in life it seems that you have a moral obligation to stop watching from the sidelines and get up and do something. Something that you have never thought you were capable doing. Such a moment just happened to me last weekend.

Even being more than 8.000 km away, I have been following diligently the news about Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma and the devastating consequences for the people in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean Islands. I realized that these are not the typical hurricanes that come and go every single year. The consequences will be much larger than ever before with many lifes taken away and a combined damage of more than 260 billion US$.

For the first time in history drones play a major role in the disaster relief efforts. The applications and benefits are numerous. From search and rescue, situation assessment for the operational groups on the ground, checking on roads/bridges/other infrastructure, getting cell towers back on service, assessment of damages on buildings and roofs, news broadcasting and many more.

It was a call for action when FAA administrator Michael Huerta stated:

“So we basically made the decision that anyone with a legitimate reason to fly an unmanned aircraft would be able to do so. In most cases, we were able to approve individual operations within minutes of receiving a request,”

The drone eco-system has become so strong in the past few years that drone hardware such as DJI, Yuneec, GoPro, Kespry, Intel, Parrot, 3D Robotics, Ehang combined with powerful drone mapping software such as Pix4D, DroneDeploy, Skycatch and airspace and drone operations management solutions such as Airmap, Kittyhawk, Skyward and the pilots on the ground from drone service providers such as Dronebase, Measure, Up Sonder, Airstoc, Skytango and fairfleet360 could make a massive impact for disaster relief if the join their forces.

At AIRTEAM we are a small drone startup from Berlin, Germany with 100 drone pilots that developed Roof-Inspector a drone solution to measure and inspect roofs with drones. Hence I realized that drone companies including mine have the power to help with our unique technology and can support to bring back people safely to their homes as soon as possible.

Therefore we offer our AIRTEAM Roof Inspector services for free for 14 days to all affected municipalities in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean Islands. This includes 3D roof inspection and measurement reports that we can compute remotely or if requested also our support on the ground within 72 hours notice.

The drone industry is often seen in a negative light with privacy issues and military drones in people’s minds. This is a unique opportunity to change the perception of an entire industry and rewrite how drones will be perceived for the next years if not decades.

Therefore I ask everybody in the drone industry to join our call #dronehelpneeded and offer your drone technology and services for free to the affected people of Texas, Florida and the Caribbean Islands.

Let us all use our unique technology to safe lives, bring people back to their homes and write history together.



Thomas Gorski

CEO & Founder of AIRTEAM

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