What was entailed in moving from your first exposure to the littleBits kit to ultimately generating your prototype? What major steps? What went well? Could have gone better? As always, explain using words and at least 2 pictures. Also please include a link to your final submission (i.e., your video).

“Flashlight” that was an example
Motor driven fetch w/ button
  1. When we first were given the kit to work on our prototype, we were already given the assignment but so we knew how to maneuver the parts, we were given simple tasks like creating a flashlight, etc.To the left both of these pics are examples of putting together a prototype that lights up via button. It is useful for just the flashlight usage and the motor driven fetch. These tasks were very free, and helpful to understand how to work on the littleBits kit, the major step I had to take in making my prototype is settling down and realizing that it is serious. I was having too much fun with the examples, but when it came down to concepts, and solving the user groups issue at hand really helped me really become passionate about the work. What I think went well was the fact that my partner and I were working smoothly. He was very cooperative, and we had ideas that branched off of each other. We both equally split the work, and focused on our strengths. He was a better drawer, and I was coming up with better solutions, so he would draw while I would think of ideas, and vice versa when needed. What I think could have gone better is my video, because my phone has been uncooperative,I had to settle for a two seperate videos instead of one. My ultimate vision for my project was completed because of the impact of video editing.

Reflect a bit on your experience. What questions did it raise and/or what problems did you encounter? What might you do next or do differently based on your experience in this project?

  1. The problems that we encountered was making sure that we focused on the user groups issue, and trying to fill in their shoes. I really tried my best to make sure that we were focusing on the main topic, not just playing with the prototypes. For me, what I would do differently is take more notes and brainstorm more ideas about the topics before coming to the actual prototypes. It was easier to do because I had a partner, and I really liked his ideas, but maybe getting to know my partner or being able to choose someone I know as a partner would have probably helped my work out in some sort of way. Next time, I would just overall want to be more prepared for this situation. I do not want to have to keep looking up what part is what, I feel like that lack of knowledge slowed my thought process.

Wildcard: Pose a question of your own choosing, and then answer the question. For full credit, write the question clearly in your blog, so we know which content corresponds with this question.

What was your favorite part of this assignment?

For me, I really liked working with a partner. It helped give me confidence throughout the whole project. He had prior experience with the equipment, so it was really easy for me to learn about littleBits quickly. I liked being able to sit together with someone, and work on the same problem for the same purpose. There is power in unity, and that is exactly how working with my partner really felt. His experience with HCDE was helpful.

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