What did you do, in words, pictures, and video? Aim for around 100 words (i.e., some substance but not too much), and at least 2 pictures (this is always good). Also please include a link to your demo video as well (embedding is better!). If you did show your prototype to a potential user, this would be a good place to mention that.

  • I made a game type app that uses features from social media outlets such as Snapchat and Instagram to make it motivating for users to find invasive plants in Washington state. I first told the users to add demographics so that data base for the scientists is efficient in storage. Color detection, kind of like how Snapchat uses a QR reader to scan for different users, and the ability to tag location or find the device (similar to Instagram) I used the the familiar apps so that the users felt comfortable using the app. The trophy case for plants is used so that the user feels like they are competing to get the most plants in the state.

Reflect a bit on your experience. What questions did it raise (questions that you might want to explore in the future) and/or what problems did you encounter (i.e., problems that you can learn from, address differently in the future)? Aim for around 50 words-100 words.

  • Some of the questions that this assignment raised for me was how do people like me normally make apps? Where do ideas like this sprung about? Obviously plant health isn’t the funniest topic, but how do people who have to deal with making apps for subject matters similar to this? How do you make plant information fun for the average user? One of the biggest problems I encountered was making it visually appealing. Even though this project is not designed to be geared towards an aesthetic appeal, my eyes did not find my project that fun. It’ll help next time to be able to find more color and/or “pop” in my POP interaction videos.

What did you like about this project, and why? Aim for around 50–100 words.

  • What I throughly enjoyed about this project is how we actually get to make something that is hands on. I really enjoyed the idea of being able to make something that is actually interactive, instead of always focusing on studying the concept of it. The voice-over narrative was something that took me out of my comfort zone, and to my surprised, I actually enjoyed it. This project not only tackled subjects that I liked to do, but it also put me in a position where I had to push myself.