Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold

It’s got became of most of us. We notice the our ac just isn’t cooling anymore. When we notice the vent, it seems like the air conditioning is blowing hot air. During these moments, there is a couple items you an do first before you call out a Keller HVAC contractor.
Initial step To check on Your Own AC Is usually to Inspect You Filter


A filthy filter is usually to blame to an ac not blowing cold. If you have a 1 inch thick filter, you should improve your filter between 30 and Sixty days. A clear filter could keep you cool and your air conditioner happy.

You can even assist in preventing costly repairs. Offer an air cooling company maintenance your system annually or if you are so busy, engage a filter service provider to deal with it in your case. Should you don�t know where your filter is, please watch these videos.
Alternative Is usually to Inspect The Outdoor Condenser Unit


Ensure that both fan and compressor are running. If you’re off, the environment conditioner won’t cool. In the event the compressor is off, you should be able to hear though if you cant , run a hand within the fan. It should be blowing warm air. If its not, you might have issues. Also, examine and notice the copper pipes located towards the ground. The more expensive pipe needs to be cold. You may notice ice or its frozen, call your neighborhood AC Company.

Third Step Would be to Clean Condenser Unit

If you have a filthy ac unit, it cannot reject the temperature it needs to. Get a hose with a ruthless nozzle. Using the power off, open up the top of the unit that also includes the fan motor. Internally, spray the coils to get rid of the dirt that is resulting in the restriction.