What Makes Metaverse Real Estate So Lucrative?

Airdott is building a diversified portfolio of land and digital assets across
the metaverse, think of us as a metaverse land investment co-operative structured as a DAO, with premium access and ownership coming through one of our Membership Pass NFTs.

So far this year the breaking news in web3 and metaverses is that Yuga labs raised $300m for its metaverse game the Otherside, not through traditional VC funding but through the sale of its land deed NFTs. The Otherside brand story is wrapped in mystery, hype and anticipation, as there is little we know about this upcoming metaverse.

What we do know is that the Otherside Metaverse is a gamified, interoperable metaverse powered by the newly established Apecoin token. The game blends mechanics from massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and the web3-enabled world. Think of it as a meta RPG where the players own the world, your NFTs can become playable characters, and thousands can play together in real-time.

Introducing The Airdott DAO

We believe in the metaverse space and its endless possibility for creativity, from games to work and education and it is exactly this that drives us. Blockchains and web3 are both precursors for open decentralized metaverses and will eventually overtake closed centralized virtual worlds. We have the virtue to change our current web and make it more decentralized, open, and trustless, giving control over content and audience back to users. We’re starting with a gesture of goodwill by making 777 spaces available to mint a Free Airdott NFT simply because we want to make our virtual real estate accessible to everyone.

We want our Airdott NFT holders to actively participate in defining the project’s direction through the governance rights that come with a DAO structure. We are stronger together and by leveraging our communities knowledge and expertise we all benefit and everyone’s voice is heard.

Airdott DAO Governance Membership

By pooling capital in a collective structure we can provide our holders with access to development and acquisition opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach and the low-cost barrier to entry makes investing in a diverse range of metaverse land and assets accessible to all.

What’s the difference between Metaverses and Virtual Worlds?

Fundamentally, virtual worlds are known to be centralized and you will often see without any warning changes in the terms of service these virtual worlds provide. The core structure of open metaverses is decentralized with property rights being cryptographically enforced. The source code of closed virtual worlds is usually for insiders only while metaverses are mostly accessible and open source. Value accrual in Metaverses benefits the users within the network rather than the platform owner. If that’s not enough of a game-changer there are more benefits for Metaverses property owners to discuss here.

Metaverses tend to take an organic grassroots approach for new user acquisition offering its user rewards and incentives while virtual worlds acquisition is usually driven quickly with a strong marketing budget and building hype through advertising.

Another example is the identity and content policy of metaverses which is unbundled and user-controlled rather than being fully corporate and controlled by the virtual world platform owner. What’s even more interesting is that rather than being corporate most Metaverses are owned by the community and the data collected is public and therefore transparent with permissionless access for all. As such we can see that most metaverses are using a bottom-up approach for their product direction and offer direct social experiences with a diverse range of display systems and no need for proprietary hardware.

At Airdott DAO being early in land investment and understanding the true value of Metaverses is the fundamental key for both you and us. We aim to democratize access to metaverse land investment, by removing the major barrier to entry for investors, the cost of acquisition. Giving our holders access to a diverse portfolio of metaverse real-estate and assets and the ability to share in the profits and income generated. We are looking to build a community based around a shared passion for the space and an understanding of its scope for significant returns on investment.



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A metaverse land investment co-operative structured as a DAO. The revolutionary new way to invest across the metaverse.