$2000 Airdrop on $5 Investment (No clickbait)🎉🤯

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3 min readOct 14, 2022


📣 What is the strategy?

We’ll try to qualify for the potential Layer Zero Airdrop. Not confirmed yet. But highly like as they have already mentioned their token name $ZRO

🔎 What is Layer Zero?

Layer Zero is an omnichain interoperability protocol that enables the realization of cross-chain applications with a low level communication primitive.

In simple words, it is a new dimension of crypto bridging with the goal to connect all EVM chain and unify liquidity pools.

🤯 Why it could a big airdrop?

Stargate Finance recently raised a whopping $135 Million Fund led by Sequoia Capital, FTX Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, PayPal Ventures, Tiger Global, Uniswap Labs and other investors. So they have enough fund to make it one of the biggest airdrops ever! 🤯

Also, this is the first ever web3 project that is invested by PayPal 🔥

📌 How to qualify for this potential airdrop?

There are only a few platforms that are currently live on Layer Zero. Some of them are free (testnet) and some will cost some money.

But since the goal is to get it done under $5, I will share the method first. But will also cover some other ways that may even increase the chance of getting the airdrop.

1️⃣ The first method that will cost around $5:

Be a DAO voter of Stargate Finance ✅

Stargate Finance is the first Layer Zero protocol that is live and ready to use. So as a DAO Voter of Stargate Finance, we can potentially for the Layer Zero airdrop.

How to be a DAO Voter on Stargate Finance:

  • Once you stake the token, you get the voting power.
  • Now keep voting on Stargate Finance Governance Proposals regularly: https://snapshot.org/#/stgdao.eth
  • By doing this, you’re now a DAO Voter of Stargate Finance, which can potentially qualify you for the Layer Zero airdrop!!! 🎉

Apart from these you can use the below protocols as well, which are currently on testnet. So can use for free. However, I would suggest you to use them on mainnet as well (when goes live).

1️⃣ USDC Layer Zero Bridge:


It is a bridge on Layer Zero using which we can send USDC between EVM chains.

USDC Goerli Contract Address: 0x07865c6E87B9F70255377e024ace6630C1Eaa37F
USDC Avax Contract Address: 0x5425890298aed601595a70AB815c96711a31Bc65

2️⃣ Liquid Swap Bridge:


It is a bridge on Layer Zero using which we can send tokens between Ethereum and Aptos.

⚡ Lastly a few more projects that are currently using Layer Zero:

Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org

Hashflow: https://app.hashflow.com

Using these two platforms regularly on Mainnet could also be beneficial for Layer Zero airdrop!

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