#Welcome to the ASMRT Decentralized Booster Social Networks Project

AIRDROPSMART is a Decentralized Booster Social Networks Project to Boost Easily and Quickly your #Airdrop, #Bounty, #Twitter account, #Telegram account, #Youtube account …
ASMRT token will be the payment method to get each new member, subscriber or follower!

👉Website Project :
👉Bounty Round #1: 🔥is over🔥: Distribution in October 2018
👉Bounty Round #2:
👉Telegram Discussion:
👉Website Airdrop:
👉Telegram Airdrop listing:
👉Facebook Page:
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👉ASMRT Contract Address:
👉CEO Project:

💰1 ASMRT = $0.01


AIRDROP ROUND #2: 5000 ASMRT tokens to claim!

👉You will receive your ASMRT token at the end in 2018, October in your Eth Wallet Address!

Contact me: Click here