AireLive Weekend Photo Competition: The City

Downtown Los Angeles as seen from Griffith Observatory

Another weekend has passed which means another round of spectacular photos taken from all over the world by our users. This week we asked people to share a photo from the city that they live in. We knew this would bring about lots of intersting photos because we all have a different perspective on what our city means to us and what we want to share with people.

Los Angeles, California (left) — Dodger Stadium (center)- Victoria Peaks, Hong Kong (right)
Hollywood, California…Duh (left),-New York City…Duh (center),-Dragor, Denmark (right)
Bled, Slovenia (left)-Rockport, Massachusetts (right)
Nashville, Tennessee (left)-Somewhere in Texas(right)

Many thanks again to all those who submitted their photos and keep snapping away. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to see what type of photos we will be looking for next weekend.


The AireLive Team

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