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Aug 10, 2018 · 5 min read
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We interviewed Mark Murphy, CEO of, last week to understand Airgeadcoin’s mission to revolutionize the way in which we can value our time and wealth once again by basing our true value on a Precious Metals Currency freeing everyone from a Debt Based Paper Currency.

Q: What is Airgead Coin?

MURPHY: Airgeadcoin represents freedom, or another way to look at it, is it’s a choice that each of us lost a long time ago, to value our time and wealth on something of value and not on worthless pieces of paper in which we have no control over and only places each of us and our children into debt which can never be paid back.

Airgead Coin represents this choice and more.

Airgead Coin will be the first Precious Metals Currency in which we can once again base our time and wealth on again, it gives you back control, retains your wealth and protects you.

When was the last time you could say that about paper based money?

See Precious Metals have always been the perfect vehicle to base our time and wealth on, each Precious Metal requires work, time and money to produce. Your time and wealth are based on the exact same factors, it requires your time, value and money to work so shouldn’t you receive something of real-value for that time.

Unlike worthless paper debt money, precious metals money protects your wealth, gives you actual value for your time and wealth and allows you to have a say over your value and your future.

Airgead Coin is the change we have all waited for a real-valued asset based Currency, that can be used and valued throughout the world.

Q: How does Airgead Coin work?

MURPHY: Precious Metals in their currency form are easily controlled and manipulation as they are classified as a commodity and for most of us it has been relegated to a mere collector’s item.


We have identified every factor in which Precious Metals have been held back and thus Airgead Coin was formed.

There have always been issues with the idea of a physical Precious Metals Currency; how to differentiate an imitation coin from a real one, how can they be used to purchase goods/services, how to transport them overseas etc., and most importantly each country values Precious Metals differently so one could never truly assess their true value to be used as a currency and as such, pre-Airgead Coin, as a currency we can’t really value them, we can’t exchange them for goods/services and we can’t really transport them. So their use is moot.

We realized if you can eliminate all these factors there lay the foundation to create a Precious Metals Currency.

We begin with our Digital Precious Metals Digital Wallet and Exchange, both designed to work together to create a Currency based on Precious Metals.

Our Exchange is designed to allow for everyone throughout the world to purchase/sell and value all physical precious metal coins/bars in real-time so any Precious Metals coin/bar can be valued instantly for the first time.

Our Digital Precious Metals Wallet is designed to hold title and ownership over the Physical Precious Metals coin/bar. It would be like knowing the exact contents of what you have in Precious Metals and have instant access to their value anywhere in the world. Your Digital Wallet is designed to provide a number of functions, most important are….its use to purchase goods and services with, its ease of transport, everything needed to once again base a currency again on Precious Metals.

What does the future of Precious Metals look like with Airgeadcoin?

MURPHY: Without any restrictions, borders and the old costs that have done nothing but hold Precious Metals back, Airgead Coin will be able to show Precious Metals real value, devoid of manipulation and control.

If we look at all Precious Metals at present they are only valued as a commodity which prices can be controlled and manipulated but if we allow Precious Metals to be valued independently on a world-wide exchange, and be allowed to use them again as real money, their true intrinsic value against all debt based currencies would allow Precious Metals to find their true intrinsic value.

Precious metals values would once again be priced and controlled by a fair market allowing for real-value to be once again placed not only on precious metals but on real-money and as such would unite countries and people under a fair and equal system.

How are you planning to spend funds raised from the ongoing ICO?

MURPHY: We have an in depth answer to this on our Whitepaper ( but hereunder is the general overview:

  • 6% of Tokens sold will be needed to generate the Digital Precious Metals Wallet, Airgead Exchange and the Encrypted Blockchain.
  • 6%+ of tokens sold will be used to purchase the initial Precious Metal coins/bars that will make up the first initial digital Precious Metals Currency that will be introduced.
  • 18% of Tokens sold will allow us to advertise and will allow for the further adoption for a Wealth based currency.
  • 30% of Tokens sold will be used to develop a number of websites that will provide outlets in which the world can trade together with a Precious Metals currency.
  • 40% of Tokens sold and we can begin to implement future ideas that will provide the world with an honest wealth based Currency furthering the demise of paper based debt currencies.
  • If over 50 million tokens are sold, we will use the funds to expand our Physical Precious Metals purchases and increase the initial amount of Precious Metals to this new asset backed Currency.

Anything else you’d like to mention about

MURPHY: Change can be very frightening especially if you are led to believe you only ever had one choice. But if we are able to take control over the value of our wealth again we would open ourselves to a whole new future with endless possibilities.


We are trying to change the system so everyone can share our dream. We don’t agree that we have to rely on this system of debt based money any longer, we see the value of the debt based money we exchange our time for and it is not getting any easier. If we are allowed to once again realize our true value for our time and wealth again we will no longer have to rely on debt based currencies and we can take control back not only for us but for our children and our children’s children. We firmly believe here at Airgead Coin in providing a better future.

We can change the system and that is what we believe Airgead Coin will do, it’s the first stepping stone for a brighter, better future and we just need to take the first step.

Please visit for further information or contact us on









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We are providing you with the ability to create a worldwide, debt free currency backed entirely by physical Precious Metals.

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