I think this person is confusing personal power with institutional power.
Jessica Compton

Dear future reactionaries and negative respondents,

If you are the kind of person who loves constructing fallacious arguments which use straw-man, tu quoque, composition, complex question fallacies, and/or the like to bully those you do not like into silence or because you do not like people using the term “rape culture” or men sticking up for women and telling others they should do the same, then do not bother responding to anybody.

If you feel this famous quote bothers you to the point of seething where you think it is necessary to argue for merely sharing it, there may be something physically wrong with your brain.

If you cannot bother to read and address my posts in a clear and thoughtful manner or your reading comprehension is so low that you A) easily confuse my post with the person I am responding to and/or B) cannot figure out that I am referring to a very very specific group of people which does not include “all men” or you, the reader, and/or C) are bothered by me calling SOME angry men “estranged” but have no problem with someone else calling other men “mangina,” “beta,” or “cuck,” then do not bother responding to me. I am tired of playing these eristic games with people who give the game away to soon and must think me ignorant or blind not to notice. My sides and head still hurt from all the laughing I did from the last respondents.

In case you might still be confused as to who my posts might be referring to, dear future negative respondent, then please watch this video below. Everything should become crystal clear afterwards and reveal to you why I cannot even deign to deal with anymore ignominy at this time.

You should be satisfied now. I made my meaning so simple it is simply patronizing. Maybe our fellow female writers and male advocates should put a chyron scrolling across the screen to constantly assuage our more reactionary audience, “This is humour,” “This is my story,” “This is not about you. Do not make it about you,” “Do not be Alarmed!”, and “Don’t Panic!”