A cogent argument.
Kimberley Ramplin

His rebuttal was leagues better than Umair’s epistle which lacked a certain nuance and sincerity. For instance, Umair kept on bringing up this “New Left” which. The New Left was what started some of the counterculture from over 40 years ago. It was not something which started during the advent of the internet as I have seen some suggest. Umair did not reveal his sources. It seems he is mostly parroting thinly disguised right-wing punditry. Some of his examples were trivial to the point of being risible. Immature people bullying each other online is the best he’s got. This is not to say he was wrong about self-marketing and branding, but people on the right do this sort of thing just as often and to great effect. This is a type of marketing character which we have all been conditioned to since childhood. It is why Christians buy crosses and crèches and new Atheists buy Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene.

The idea of an immutable self with a selfish identity is what makes consumerism even possible, which does indeed have roots in the New Left from 40 years ago. To know a little more about it, I recommend watching The Century of the Self. There are also some books I recommend reading. The Peter Prescription talks about the influence on hierarchies in modern society. The Authoritarians is Dr. Altemeyer’s work on right-wing authoritarianism. I found Erich Fromm’s personality orientations quite informative. I am currently reading his book Fear of Freedom. These sources, as well as some others, gave me such insight into the current malaise we now suffer under.

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