Are you a liberal?
Prakhar Gupta

“ I think if you had an average childhood with a calm home environment where you didn’t have to worry about basics like school, food, friends etc, chances of you being a liberal increases. Since one can’t choose which family to be born into, this in my opinion becomes an unearned privilege.”

This goes for any political or religious ideology. This is not something which belongs exclusively in the liberal domain. The chances are strong that if one were to grow up in a right-wing, fundamentalist family, then that person would assume that identity for an undetermined span of time. You cannot pin this on just liberals and leftists. It happened once to me, even though according to you I should have started out liberal. My family was never deeply religious, but we were a military family. I had, for the most part, a pretty average childhood where most of my wants and needs were met. Yet for a time, I still had moderate to conservative views until I had a life changing moment which shook me from that foundation. Also, watching right-wingers get accused of corruption, sexual misconduct, and child-molestation on what seemed like a regular basis also changed my views drastically.

I do not ever recall being bullied by liberals in Virginia or Texas, and I am not referring to just the children, either. While I was in my teens, my family lived in between two Christian neighbors in Texas. Even though I counted their children as friends, that did not stop a couple of them from breaking into our house and stealing our things. I think I would have had better luck befriending that Wiccan girl in one of my classes in high school, but Christianity got in the way. C’est la vie.

If you have sources that are derived on something beyond mere conjecture, I would like to look at them.

I think I would have loved to have had the “privilege” of living in a liberal community with a liberal family. It might have spared me some of the misery and rank hypocrisy I experienced in my life. Who knows?

Your analysis on cyber-bullying could also use some work. I have seen plenty of bashing from both sides whom I assume are liberals and right-wingers. Right-wingers have the ability to show just as much hubris and conceit as liberals. So, they have at least that in common.

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