Indifference To Libre Software

I think the existence of free software hints at a schism forming in the world of proprietary everything. It is a part of a moral/ethical answer created by a moral/ethical dilemma when it comes to software piracy. Some say piracy is a moral dilemma. Some say that moral dilemma was actually started by the likes of the MPAA and pugnacious software companies, such a Microsoft; piracy was just the hackers “righting some wrongs” and letting the public decide the true value of software. I think it is an army of lawyers which at least determines a piece of software’s monetary value, despite any social value the software may or may not have. In other words, I think the only true value software should have is its social value after recovering some of the costs in producing it, which would make even the most exorbitant software affordable again. Whichever camp you may side with, the world of software will continue change; it will change itself, and it will change society and be changed again by an ever evolving public. It is going to be an interesting century.

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