New Leftists will fight tooth and nail for gender free bathrooms. Meanwhile, two and half billion people lack…basic sanitation. New Leftists are passionately consumed by ultra-fine gradations of gender. Meanwhile, more than half the world’s economies have laws restricting the kinds of jobs women can perform. New Leftists would like us to believe that that hurt feelings are just as harmful as hurt bodies, opportunities, or lives. Meanwhile, over five billion people lack access to basic medicine, nearly two billion people lack basic nutrition, and five million children a year die from malnutrition. New Leftists bicker over endlessly over words, labels, names. Meanwhile, half of humanity lives on less than two dollars a day.
Why Political Correctness is Failing the World
umair haque

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that marginalized groups in Western society traditionally had no economic or political access since time immemorial. What do poor disenfranchised groups do? Do they A) try to help people all across the world like them, or B) do they listen to people like you and just do nothing for fear of being labelled the New Boogeyman capable of devouring entire worlds, or C) do they try to improve their own material and social conditions first before even developing the means to help others like themselves?

I realize this new cynical attitude for social causes is all the rage among young, armchair pundits. “Oh, they’re fighting for gender free bathrooms, but they are not dropping everything to help lepers in Jakarta. Those hypocrites!” But just because local social movements do not go around the world Justice League style helping people, it does not mean what they do is not valuable. Tell me something oh so not a part of the “New Left” from over 40 years ago. What have you done to help half a billion people who lack basic sanitation? What have you done for women across the world? What have you done helpful besides complain about this new leftist boogeyman?

Actually, what has anybody done to curb neoliberalism? All I am hearing is some sermon-on-the-mount about PC. But once it’s over, then what? Nothing! Nobody from the center, pseudo-left and the right are doing anything about those horrible conditions you just mentioned, not even you. Because just like this “New Left” fantasy of yours, you too are probably doing absolutely nothing to ameliorate the suffering of those outside your circle.

Most gay men and women do not have the clout to “change the world.” Trans* people live on the brink of homelessness and have very real barriers to education and employment. The story is very much the same with most queer folk. But this obsession you have with people on Tumblr and the like is not very healthy, and it is distracting you from addressing real problems.

Instead of holding people you label as the “New Left” to such high standards standards you would not even apply to the “Alt Right” or anyone else, you should actually be extremely critical of those who have the capability of alleviating the suffering you mentioned but choose to do absolutely nothing about it, such as the political elite and billionaires.

My guess is as soon as this new PC bullshit gets ground into irrelevance you will still be right up there howling at the moon with Milo Yiannopoulos.

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