“TERF” is accurate though.
Milli Granvose

Most radical feminists seem to distance themselves from TERFs and even admonish them for their antithetical and right-wing stances. TERFs are plainly right-wing authoritarians playing the victim and following fads. Almost anytime a TERF is mentioned disparagingly in a feminist post like this one, someone from the TERF group springs to life to perform damage control. Of course, they fall all over themselves proving exactly how toxic they are to feminism and the community in general. Take SillySister for example. She mentioned the “Cotton Ceiling” rumour spread by TERFs everywhere as proof of some conspiracy against “pure,” lesbian women. It was a rumour which was easily debunked. Yet it is still pervasive. I have seen tirades typed by TERFs who habitually fantasize about other women and themselves being raped by trans* women. They even pretend to have had encounters like these and equate criticisms by trans* people as an affirmation that they want to rape them. It is so pathetic as almost to be deserving of pity. SillySister lies once more about the trans* community concerning the intersex community, ignoring the possibility and reality that intersex people might and do identify as trans*, albeit rare. Her histrionics would be laughable if they were not so damaging.

It makes me wonder if she did not call herself “silly” as a clue that maybe she is a troll pretending to be an immature TERF. It could be that by acting like a typical TERF apologist using the usual TERF bromides and reactionary rhetoric she is further exposing and marginalizing the TERF community. But then again, she could be just an immature twat.

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