You don’t care about “toxic masculinity” because you are labelling as “anti-social behavior” men don’t wanting relationships.
“Toxic masculinity” refers to men controlling women with violence.
Eric Lauder

That’s not what I meant by “toxic masculinity.” It has nothing to do with men wanting to live the bachelor lifestyle, and you know it. Withdrawing from society is a sign of antisocial behaviour, and it is something they promote. Their sites and forums also promote dubious ideas and pseudoscience like “hypergamy,” red-pill, black-pill, and alpha/beta males and are awash with misogyny. Do I have to bring up Chris Mercer or Elliot Rodger as examples of what groups like these do to people? MGTOWs practically celebrated what they did, represented them as victims, and considered them a part of their community. MGTOW in its current form is not healthy, period. But it has nothing to do with voluntarily living as a selfish bachelor or “going one’s own way.” Plenty of people, male or female, already do that with plenty of success without having to subscribe to the greater MGTOW philosophy of life.

“ Throwing ‘anti-social’ to people wishing to live their lifes is typical of fascists and other totalitarians.” Then you have a very narrow and comical definition of fascist and/or totalitarian. No, this is just the opinion that some people hold, or it is just you putting words in my mouth. Try to avoid jumping to unnecessary conclusions. If MGTOW removes the crazy and misogynist elements from their insular movement, then they might actually have something. But I won’t hold my breath.

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