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There goes Capitalism. No, seriously. Remove the money component, employment as it is now becomes no different than slavery. It may seem voluntary, but employment is a necessity if one needs money to survive. Without money or social support, employment becomes improbable and extinction inevitable. Thus, it is not a voluntary process.

If we are talking about human dignity and the right for all humans to a modest, yet comfortable, standard of living, then we have to abandon this idea of submitting to employment to earn a living. But doing so would eventually remove market influence from the job sphere. Employers would not be able to apply their pressure to labor. Instead, it would be a complete reverse, labor applying pressure to employers. Imagine the bellyaching we would have to endure from the heirophants of the Free-Market Gospel.

This is partly why the UN Declaration of Human Rights will not be recognized. Giving people the option of work and work with dignity runs contrary to the current mode of this global socio-economic system. It undermines the power structure which was so carefully crafted and nurtured by the elites and those who follow and revere the current system.