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This just bugs me to no end. People, even here on Medium, have used, “What about laws to keep men out of the bathroom?” and “I am not a transphobe, but couldn’t a man pretend to be trans* to ‘sneak a peak?’” It is sick. Gullible people eat this up all the time. It seems ingrained in the American psyche. The idea of protecting white, American women was often used as an initiator for violence against a marginalized group. Yet you will never find these people using those same “well-reasoned arguments” against sexual harassment and abuse by cis-women on other women and children. Nope, not one peep. It kinda kills the narrative they are trying to spin here. Some even have the audacity to say, “Well, it’s just so rare.” And let us just suppose that same level of violence is even rarer among trans* people. You are so right, Melissa. This is not about protecting anyone beyond the status quo of just being a regular dick to trans* people.

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