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Trump won with less votes than Mitt Romney when Romney was running against Obama. A good deal of moderate Republicans switched over to vote Democrat during the election. I put up an article showing this is a trend. Many staunch and powerful Republicans made a bid for HRC over Trump, such as Colin effin’ Powell. The Republican party is full of radicals, and as they move farther to the right, they will alienate even more people. Remember when this all started, the Republicans coerced Trump into signing a loyalty pledge? That does not seem like strength to me; that seems more like implosion. I thought this was obvious, which was why I did not say anything to Leroy. Apparently, Leroy thinks his “guy” winning is all that is required to prove strength and rightness. Such shortsightedness will cost him and his party dearly someday.

It was obvious he just wanted to fight. His later comments proved this was so. Perhaps I was wrong in not challenging him, but I am currently tired of debating with these people. They will have to goad someone else into providing a fight for them.

One does not have to continuously defend every single opinion. I was only sharing my angst about the latest presidential election and why I did not participate. It was not a piece meant to persuade anyone. That point escaped both of them.

Since they mean nothing to me, it did not require a response. They decided to make it a partisan rant as soon as they saw anything pertaining to the Republican party and the president-elect. I made no mention of my own political beliefs. Nevertheless, they went ahead and proved my point about politics and why I am tired of it.

They are bottom of the barrel and below my notice if they get this worked up over an opinion piece which actually criticizes the Democrats more than the Republicans. I despise both parties with equal measure, but I guess I should have put that in a foreword just for those poor saps.

Nothing personal, and I do feel for you. I am just tired right now and want to move on. Thank you for taking an interest in me.

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