But a lot of standard catch phrases, by now leeched of any meaning.
The “feminist ‘bogeyman’”?

I should be used to weak non-answers at this point, but whatever. Let’s give it a whirl. Just what are those “standard catch phrases” now leeched of any meaning? Are you talking about the word “boogeyman” or maybe “institutional power”? Perhaps you confused me with Jeff Jackson? He was the person I was actually talking to.

“There is nothing bogeyman about it.”

Maybe if you believe in such nonsense as “Gender Fascism,” “Hypergamy,” “beta males,” “red pill,” and the typical straw-men created by people with an irrational fear of feminism, the threat seems real enough. When people here bring it up, even a whiff, I tend to tune-out at that point. I put those terms in quotes because I am quoting the buzzwords used in “standard catch phrases” by anti-feminists which have been “leeched of any meaning,” if they had any meaning to begin with.

“Blind attacks without any substance.”

That is basically what you did by first dismissing what I said without addressing it and then lumping me in with “other” feminists. Nope. That’s not going to work.

I have seen quite a bit of anti-feminist rants, and they all carry the same ridiculous theme, “Men are victims” and “Everything is the fault of feminism and/or the woman.” Sometimes they even throw in another boogeyman called “Cultural Marxism,” otherwise known as “Cultural Bolshevism.”

“Surprised by men comments?” Not at all surprised. I knew some would like the article and some would not only dislike it but also try to attack the author’s character to shut him up.

“True or false, they seem tame and thoughtful in comparison yours or other feminists.”

What a laugh! Tame? Thoughtful? Did you actually read some of the vitriolic comments against the author of this article? Did you actually read what I wrote?

Oh, yes! I can totally see the tame, thoughtfulness in this comment from a staunch anti-feminist, “ oh you can kiss the fattest part of my ass you beta bully.” There was even a guy who called DeVore a “mangina beta male cuck” who should “cut off” his own penis. But disagreeing with someone online and remarking how anti-feminists cannot form real arguments is by far more savage an opprobrium than telling some to cut his dick off.

It is one thing to “understand” why some men are angry with DeVore’s article. It is quite another to actually side with people mercilessly attacking DeVore’s character and calling out for violence against his person for something so trivial. People like that deserve far worse than what I delivered in my responses.

Also, I never said I was a feminist. To be honest, I have no use for labels. Labels lead to Jonanism, and it restricts one’s identity. I am just tired of reading the same old tired fallacious bromides against feminism. Maybe if they provided actual critiques worth reading instead of the usual invectives and apologia, I would not be on here discussing the matter with you.

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