Withdrawing from marriage contract and cohabitation isn’t “withdrawing from society”.
Eric Lauder

Whatever man, just whatever… I am not interest in your eristic games. I never mentioned anything about “withdrawing from marriage” being antisocial. That is a strawman. I made my stance perfectly clear. This also has nothing to do with feminism or their extremists. This is about MGTOWs, but since you are not interested in having an adult conversation about it, I will end the conversation here and now.

“ All you can do it’s strawmanning, because people like you have no power over MGTOW, and you know you’re powerless.” Why would I want power over a group of angry young-men who constantly bitch about not having any? Oh, yeah…. You got me. I must be some secret feminist operative. You totally uncovered the conspiracy. What a joke.

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