Shame on you!

A rant to a very very silly sister

Oh lovely, another TERF/trans-misogynist. The Cotton Ceiling? Really? Trans* women trying to convince lesbians their “ladystick” is female? Tell me, where does it say that here?

“There! See it? It says right there in the description: Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling will explore having sex with lesbians who don’t want to have sex with trans people! It says it right there… oh wait… it doesn’t say that at all.” —

Only 7 people attended that meeting. They were talking about body image and shame; however, some right-wing rad-fems picked up on this and began their propaganda campaign to convince gullible saps like you that this was Planned Parenthood in Toronto teaching trans* women how to rape lesbians or redefine rape or some other nonsense. Looks like its “mission accomplished.” Congratulations are in order. You fell for a year-long smear campaign.

I do not know any trans* women who hold this view or would attempt to force someone against their will to have sex with them. Usually, they are the ones at the other end of rape. The question which should be asked is why do TERFs think trans* women want to have sex with them or anyone else who does not love or respect them?

S&M is not usually a “thing” in the trans* community, but right-wingers certainly love fantasizing and projecting this sort of stuff onto vulnerable groups way too much.

This is the same sort of nonsense and misunderstandings trotted out by right-wing groups, usually men, that it’s all a trap to lure people into sex. Most trans* women are typically ashamed of their male anatomy and want it excised, as any woman would if she had such a disfigurement.

Do you want to know what trans* people talk about? Do you want to know what they incessantly think about? It’s this right here.

You should also acquaint yourself with the popular myths about trans* women I know you buy into.

Also, trans* people are not appropriating intersex issues. Trans* people are intersex to varying degrees, where some have transitioned or were forced to medically transition. Sure, most intersex people do not identify as trans* in anyway. Yet the fact remains that a person who transitions physically to match one sex over another is a transsexual, regardless of what your opinions are. Someone whose gender and physiology does not match the gender binary is technically transgender. But since the word transgender is mostly a voluntary label, whereas transsexual is not, most intersex people do not use it as a part of their identity.

However, some people who are intersex willingly identify as either transgender and/or transsexual. So, you cannot weasel your way out of this. This come directly from the Intersex Society of North America.

Many people confuse transgender and transsexual people with people with intersex conditions because they see two groups of people who would like to choose their own gender identity and sometimes those choices require hormonal treatments and/or surgery. These are similarities. It’s also true, albeit rare, that some people who have intersex conditions also decide to change genders at some point in their life, so some people with intersex conditions might also identify themselves as transgender or transsexual. —

A person who strongly believes to be the gender opposite to the one assigned at birth would not feel that way if it were not an intersex condition of some sort. It is not a matter of clothes, culture, or mannerisms. It is a matter of the body and how others react to it.

1 out of 100 births has some sort of intersex condition. 1% may sound rare, but multiply that by 100 million, and it is not so rare after all. There have been cases of married men visiting the doctor for pains and finding out they have female genitalia. Trans* people fall within that group.

No matter how rare it may be, there are those who are intersex who proudly identify as trans*. Will you now accuse the intersex community of appropriating trans* causes? No? Of course not. It would not fit within the narrative you are so desperately trying to spin here.

You say biology is not destiny but then go right into biological essentialism. That is a contradiction, my dear. Women and men are not different species. They are human. We all start out the same in the womb with a very very slight difference genetically, just one gene actually, and after a human has developed enough in the womb whether male or female, only one chromosome is ever used throughout that human’s adult life, the X chromosome. When trans* people transition, it changes the body to be unrecognizable. Trans* women can have hormonal cycles and breasts that lactate. Their reproductive anatomy also changes as well as sex-drive. This is only possible because every human possesses instructions for BOTH male and female anatomy. All it takes is for a combination of drugs and hormones to get us there. Some go all the way, because that is the only way they can live a life as close to normal as possible. The pressure to transition often comes from the patriarchy you detest so much. The permission to transition is a set of gender prescriptions by a psychiatrist based on patriarchal stereotypes of femininity. This is not something trans* people desire. This is something FORCED on them by the patriarchy. You cannot have it both ways just so you can exclude trans* women and trans* men.

These are inconvenient truths for right-wing groups like the TERFs, but that’s reality. To try and pin all trans* people as a conspiracy by men to undermine feminists is just high school grade bullshit, but that is what TERFs do. The real enemy are patriarchal institutions and institutional power, not trans* people. You may believe TERF is a slur, but it was used as short hand by other radical feminists to refer to those in their community who diverged from them. Deal with it.