transgendered individuals
Could you clarify for us why transgendered individuals who apparently strongly believe they are the…
David Cearley

You do not call homosexual individuals “homosexualled.” It is the same for transgender individuals. It is also not a matter of belief. It is a state of being no different than what most people feel.

I recommend you take a look at the APA website. I believe it contains the clarification you need.

Yes, I know people earn various positions and status. I never explicitly said they did not. I said many seek out positions of power and status for attention and special privileges and status. You apparently misunderstood what I wrote.

Also, people born of royalty or affluence and privilege earned their titles and status by virtue of being born into the right family. Privilege and status through accident of birth is about as arbitrary as one can get. It is a contrivance of society treated almost as sacrosanct and afforded more respect than necessary.

Societal designations are devised by society, completely artificial. Their meanings are artificial. You are not born a soldier, cop, politician, king, or any sort of perfunctory position. People who fill those positions are afforded respect in as so much as they can fill those roles. In certain instances, some are given more respect than they are due.

There are those who use “the transgenders are made up” as an excuse to deny them any respect or clemency for merely existing in public discussion. Yet we do not disrespect a cop because his station is “just made up.” Some do, but this is not about that. I am trying to point out it is a weak argument some people use to hide their prejudice or ignorance.

The “it’s made up” excuse is also a clear form of cognitive dissonance. Most roles in modern society are made up, not arbitrarily, but a human invention nonetheless. We do not get to deny the existence of politicians due to their occupation as being a mere invention and a rather obscure performance art. We do not get to make our parents invisible because the mode of parenting has changed from the days when most humans lived in wicker huts. Thus, we cannot use the “it’s made up” excuse as a valid argument to dismiss the concerns of the LGBT community when we acknowledge the existence of social roles and institutions, which are very clearly “made up” for the sake of making modern life tolerable.

Roles society values are definitely given more respect and ranking than an ordinary citizen. Sometimes, though, they take on a rather bizarre quality of being almost a separate class of citizen not unlike the associations people make with ethnicity, nationality, and sexuality, even gender.

Trans* people just are. They are not artificial roles or titles people have arbitrarily conjured up. Labels are not arbitrarily assigned either. Yet some people treat them as if they are. There is an interminable, biological quality of the self which makes associations with the social gender roles inherent in different cultures. Many conflate these things together. Trans* people often have to earn respect because of those judgments for merely existing as they are, where the bear minimum of respect is already granted to most by default. Some are never afforded any respect due to blind prejudice.

I hope this cleared things up a bit.

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