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You may disagree with me, but the fact remains that you really do not know what his biological sex is.

a biological female would not emphasis a high voice

It still tells us nothing about what he was born as. It only reveals that Lewis finds it awkward identifying as a he with a high-pitched voice. After all, Lewis does not identify as a woman. Are you assuming that a trans* man would not emphasize his high-pitched voice because he was female? How could you possibly know that? Trans* people emphasize characteristics not conforming with how they identify biologically all the time. It only tells us how awkward it must make them feel and nothing more. You can infer something about birth sex, but if you are wrong, consider the consequences of how that will make you look.

and 2) would also not be named Lewis under typical circumstances.

About the name, you do realize trans* people get their name changed to match their gender, correct?

When a trans* person first says he or she is trans* followed by what pronouns he or she prefers, in Lewis’ case that would be “he,” it usually means they transitioned from the opposite of what they are now. Which was why I disagreed with you inferring Lewis’ supposed birth sex.

The moral of the story is it is better to not make incorrect inferences about someone because sometimes you just don’t know, especially when it comes to trans* people. In that case, it is wisest to infer nothing at all.


A trans* person’s birth sex is a source of pain and anguish. Of course, trans* people will do everything to obscure those material facts from strangers. They know that as soon as some non-trans* stranger finds out about it odds are good they will, like you, focus on who they think they were, not on who they are now.

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