The Most Common Cruise Parking Questions Answered

Now you’ve booked your cruise, you may think that deciding what to pack is the highest priority. However, how you’ll get to and from the cruise port is an equally, or even more important consideration, for the smooth running and enjoyment of your trip. A dedicated cruise parking facility is an ideal option for leaving your car in a convenient, easily accessible location while you’re away, and can allow for a quick and simple transfer to and from your port of departure.

Many people planning their first cruise may feel uncertain about leaving their car in an unfamiliar place, or may be unaware of the full benefits of using a cruise parking service. Here we look at a general view of the most frequently asked questions by those considering a cruise parking solution, so you can get a better understanding of how it works and what to expect on the day of your cruise.

Will my car be safe?

Cruise parking facilities will usually have onsite security staff who will patrol the car park on a regular basis, as well as a management team who ensure the overall security of the premises. Many sites offer 24-hour CCTV cover, making sure that your car will be safe for the entire duration of your cruise.

How do I get to and from my cruise port?

Choose a company that will include transfers to and from the terminal in their parking service price. This way you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your transfer will be ready for you when you arrive, and that they can get you there in plenty of time. A range of transfer vehicles can generally be provided depending on the size of your party or particular need — make sure you plan your parking and transfers ahead and let the facility team know about your requirements. Some companies may also offer refreshment and bathroom facilities for larger vehicles, along with Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and charging points for mobile phones and tablets etc.

When should I arrive at the car park?

It’s advised that you should arrive at your chosen car park at least two hours before you are due to sail. On arrival a member of staff will be on hand to show you where to park, and help you with any luggage. You’ll then need to check in and complete the relevant paperwork. If your cruise is delayed, most dedicated car parks will have catering and bathroom facilities onsite to make your wait more manageable, and they can adjust your transfers accordingly.

What happens to my car when I’m away?

Nothing! Your car will be secure and shouldn’t be moved without you requesting this. Some facilities can offer car valeting services if booked in advance, so your car will be clean and looking great for your journey home.

What happens when I return?

There’ll be a cruise parking member of staff in the arrivals hall of your terminal, who can arrange for a transfer back to the car park. Transfers usually run regularly or are available on demand outside of standard times.

Do I leave my car keys?

As cruise car parks are self-parking, you will be able to keep hold of your keys on your cruise.

Is there an extra fee for larger vehicles?

For motorbikes, or large vehicles such as caravans, you’ll need to check availability of spaces in advance, as these could be limited. Parking companies may charge more for certain larger vehicles, so be sure to check by calling them ahead.

What if I change my car before the cruise?

If you need to amend any of the details you have already provided, you need to let the car park know immediately, so they can quickly sort this out for you before any stress kicks in in the few days before your cruise!

What facilities are there for disabled passengers?

There are many car parks which are wheelchair accessible throughout and have bathroom facilities for disabled users, and staff should be happy to help with any extra assistance you may have. Again, checking ahead will ensure that you have the requirements needed when arriving at the cruise car park.

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