We’re big fans of helping you do more with your email faster, which is why we offer unique, powerful Custom Actions on iPad and iPhone. Today, we want to talk about what the Mac has to offer in the “Organize My Email For Me” department: rules.

To summarize: rules in Airmail for Mac allow you to automatically organize your email, even without looking. When Airmail finds new messages, it can automatically apply a label to one message, archive another, create a PDF of another, and automatically trash a whole bunch. Or Airmail can:

  • Display a notification based on keywords in…

We designed Airmail to bring powerful email management tools to your fingertips. You can quickly save an email as a PDF to your favorite cloud storage, respond with a template message, or hide it until you can respond later. There’s even a way to automate multiple steps, and we call it Custom Actions.

Here are a few scenarios: let’s say you frequently forward emails to a coworker and then trash them. Or maybe you frequently respond to certain kinds of emails with a template message. …

In Airmail you can use the plugin for Read Receipts.

How to install the “Read Receipts ” Plugin?

  1. Download the read receipt plugin from this link

2. Open up the downloaded plugin and this will result in the following picture where (1.) is the downloaded .zip file and (2.) is the plugin bundle which you can get by double clicking the .zip file.

3. Then open Airmail and go to Menu Bar. You will find two plugin related options (Plugins and Show Plugins Folder) which will be important in getting the plugin activated. The options are in the following picture.

Airmail has a great Quick Filter menu which is located just above the messages list.

This menu allows the section of multiple filters.

Enable the Filter Menu:

If the menu is not visible, it can be enabled on by clicking on the View menu and select Show Filters. The keyboard shortcut to enable or disable the menu is ⌃⌥F (control + option + F)

Quick Filter Menu Options:
The illustration above indicate the purpose of the icons. Let’s discuss each option briefly as well as learn the keyboard shortcut.

To share files from Finder in Max OS X is now possible with Airmail’s Extension

There are two sharing extensions:

  • Airmail Composer
  • Airmail Share

We will discuss them in-depth shortly.

First, it is necessary to enable these extensions

Enable Airmail Share Extensions

1. Click on the Apple  in the menu bar and select System Preferences
2. In the 3rd row, click on the Extensions icon
3. In the left column click on Share Menu
4. Select the Airmail Composer and Airmail Share extension in the extension list.

5. Close Extensions and System Preferences windows

The Airmail Share extensions are…

Email AccountAn Office 365 account is the same as an Microsoft Exchange Account. To add a O365 account, follow these steps:

1. Open Airmail App
2. Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)
3. On the Accounts Tab, click on the + sign and add New Account
4. A windows will appear with a dropdown menu to choose the Service you would like to add.

5. Click on the dropdown menu and choose Exchange
6. Now type in the details of your Office 365 account

Fantastical is a great Calendar App for Mac OS X. Airmail offers integration with Fantasical. Remember that Fantasical integration will be activated once the App is installed.

Using Fantastical with Airmail

1. Click on an email or a date that you would like to send to Fantastical
2. In the example below, the date is 12 November. Dates are highlighted in Airmail.
3. Right click on the date

4. Click on Create Fantasical 2 Event
5. This will open Fantasical App with a new calendar entry.
6. Edit the entry and finalize by clicking Add Entry

Originally published at support.airmailapp.com.

Airmail App allows for integration with Todoist. Airmail sends a message to Todoist, and creates a link back to that email from the entry in Todoist.

Enable Todoist Service in Airmail

1. Open Airmail App
2. Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)
3. Click on the Services tab
4. Click on Todoist

5. Click on Login
6. Login with your Todoist Details

Airmail App allows for integration with Wunderlist. Airmail sends a message to Wunderlist, and creates a link back to that email from the entry in Wunderlist.

Enable Wunderlist Service in Airmail

1. Open Airmail App
2. Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)
3. Click on the Services tab
4. Click on Wunderlist

5 .Click on Login
6. Login with your Wunderlist Details

Airmail App makes sending mail to a Contact Group very simple. These groups can either be in your Contacts App or on your Google Contacts.

Let’s get started.

Create Contact Group

To use a contact group, you will first need to create a group with contacts in either your Contacts App or with Google Contacts.

Sync Contact Group with Airmail App

It is important to note that the Airmail App syncs contact from Google and the Contacts app upon opening the Airmail. Therefore quit Airmail and start it up again.

Alternatively you can force a contact sync.

1. Go to…


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