How to speed up your Airmail Initialization

Oct 16, 2015 · 2 min read

If you Airmail app is running slow, there are several ways to speed it up; either through account specific settings (only applicable to a specific email account), or universal settings (applies to app in general).

  1. Open the Airmail app

2. Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)

3. Go to the Advanced Tab

4. The Initialization dropdown menu has 2 options:

  • Normal: The default option for the startup of the Airmail App
  • Fast: Choose this option to speed up the startup of the Airmail App. This uses more CPU power.

5. Advanced Graphics Option:

Account Specific Settings

These settings only applies to a specific account. If you have multiple accounts, these changes have to be made per account.

1. Open Airmail Preferences (⌘,)

2. Select the settings icon of the account you want to edit.

3. Under the More Tab

  • Folders Refresh: Set this to a longer timing
  • Download: Untick Attachments (This will stop the automatic download of attachments)
  • Reset Account: Click on Rebuild Database. This will reset and reinitialise the account.

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