Aisekai is shutting down

4 min readJan 31, 2024

Hi y’all, It’s Kamion here.

The Decision:

It’s definitely not an easy time for us, but I believe it’s something that ought to be done for us to move forward. Since August 29, 2023, the journey at Aisekai has been nothing less but a phenomenal experience, seeing the growth of our platform in term of product and the adoption from our community! With over 200k registered users, 1 million website visit, and 300k monthly users, Aisekai Team and I could not have asked for a better scenario.

As of today, the Aisekai team and I have come to a decision to suspend all AI services of the Aisekai website due to misaligned vision with our current sponsor.

The Cause:

Back in October 2023, upon the one month hiatus, I have released an Open-letter, which states that Aisekai as a site has chosen to moderate contents through filtering.

And obviously, not everyone is happy about the statement. The team and I acknowledged the that this is not what we stand for in the beginning of launch, where we aim to be the open-canvas where all can express creativity, however we had decided to proceed onward due to our sponsor’s request.

Wait, who is the Sponsor? The funding we had to operate Aisekai came from our early sponsor, which was a separate matter from Venture Capital firms that we were looking to get more fundings from. From day 1 till now, the expense used to operate Aisekai is the initial fund we received from our early sponsor. What we have not addressed previously was that there’s condition and target we needed to achieve for us to continue utilizing the sponsorship funds.

One of the target we needed to achieve was the adoption of Safe for Work contents. Nevertheless, we still try our best to keep the spirit of “Open Canvas”. As a result, we enable these by providing “Options” for our creators to choose between SFW and uncensored model. In addition, we tried to direct safe contents through campaigns and events, where it was a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, the number is not on our side. It’s comes to a point where we had to implement the filter within today’s development update (deadline). After careful thinking and consideration, it would be sad for us to create something we don’t believe or stand for. As a result, we have decided to not proceed onward with Aisekai in its current terms.

So, What’s Next?

  • AI services of Aisekai will be terminated as of this date.
  • We will commence a FULL REFUND to all accounts that have made any magi purchases since the marketplace launch. All purchases will be refunded regardless of any magi being used or priority passes being expired. (All refunds will be processed by us within a week, and 5–10 days after that via Stripe)

Edit: ALL refunds has been processed since 1 Feb 2024, for further inquiries please email Stripe or your card issuer.

  • We will continue to provide frontend support apart from the AI service that will allow you to port out your character definitions, prompts, and chat out of Aisekai for the next 2 weeks from today.
  • The discord and reddit community will not be closed down for now.

Why the sudden closure?

With our team’s decision to not go forward with the filter, we do not have the funds from our sponsor to continue running this product. Even with the huge amount of magi purchases made from the marketplace, we do not have enough funds to sustainably run all the AI infrastructures as of now. All Aisekai IPs belong to the sponsor, and with our departure from the current sponsor, we cannot continue to use Aisekai brand, code, or name.

But what about your vision?

“The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice”

I have not yet given up on my vision to create a new way of entertainment. This is not a set back but rather a step back for a giant stride. My team and I WILL be back.

The team will be taking this time to develop a new platform that is in no ways related to Aisekai in the next few weeks. Without fundings, this new platform will be on a subscriptions basis and will have many new added features that we could not implement during Aisekai’s era. The core pillar of the new product will be the same: “Open Canvas for creatives mind, Democratization of Technology, and Forefront of Immersiveness”.

For anyone interested, sign up to receive benefits on the new site here:

Last words from the Team

I don’t have any last words, because this isn’t a goodbye. Now that I am unbound by limitations, if you’ve ever been captivated by Aisekai, I’m confident you’ll find my new platform not just interesting, but a realm of endless possibilities. Let’s play. — Kamion

We’re really sorry that we could not go ahead and deliver Aisekai as what it should’ve been. And from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU so much to all our supporters, donators, customers, creators, super creators, and all community members that have stuck through thick and thin with us all this time. We really do appreciate any and all criticisms and feedbacks we’ve received in the past and would love to continue seeing you guys within the community. — Slime

It was a sight to be seen running Aisekai with you all. I’ll see you around within discord and reddit in the times ahead. — The rest of the Aisekai Team

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