It’s a casual day. Your product signups are coming in droves, filling your dashboard with metrics. Oceans across, a cafe owner is thinking about expanding his business online — he checks out your product’s offering, thanks to the technology, and signs up. And, there’s a teen trying to download a game by entering some details. Well, nothing different, maybe. In the parallel mise-en-scène, the national security agents are discussing the next potential threat, something that we’re all unawarely part of.

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Well, this story can be expanded like a Precis writing block, but do you see a common thread here? A…

If you’re into building, designing, marketing, launching, or selling new products, the term product-market fit is a no-brainer. Well, not to say that it’s easy, for it’s something that’s easier said than done. Put in simple terms, the so-called ‘fit’ is the product’s ability to meet the market i.e. customers’ demands. Well, something like a demand-supply graph then, you may ask? It’s beyond a mere plotting — for what follows with every product’s ideation is a long journey of iterations, satisfactions, negotiations, and ruminations.

“When a great team meets a lousy market, market wins. When a lousy team meets a…

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‘Do more with less’ is a testament to the beyond-clichéd phrases. But, a product that has taken this statement as a vision is good ol’ Twitter. Well, actually, if you did think that was all, you’re wrong — the beauty of the product lies in its belief to promote free and global conversations. While it took just minutes for most of us to fill in university papers or scrapbooks, there are instances that it took much more time to share some news within 280 characters. …

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Human mind is equivocal. Not that it’s a new posit, but this time, the proof is banked well on the ability of a mind to create, store, and believe in sequencing traits. After all, it’s the same mind that invents the state-of-the-art machine intelligence that also postulates the thought-experiment, Roko’s Basilisk. At any instant, mind can be both an assailable ground and a calculated territory. This tendency rises from simple (yet growing) actions of recognizing patterns, mapping to extant beliefs, and rooting to fill in the wanted knowledge — all related to psychology.

When it comes to the product landscape…

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At gunpoint, your last wish is to write? In the middle of a day-dream, you end up wanting to write? As you frantically call it a day, your brain shamelessly drives you to write? In a world that’s reminding you of a million reasons to write and make your neocortex work overtime, there are a hundred….well at least eight ways, to peacefully pen down your words. You heard it right. Become a better-informed writer, the next time you publish your piece, for here are 8 Pocket-friendly (literally, save up to read this later!), tried-and-tested (by a fellow you, that’s me!)

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Did your (day)-dreams end up in absolute action, such as chasing perps, hunting leads, interrogating passers by or negotiating for hostages? Nice! You’re gleefully admitted into the virtual NYPD clan that’s fancying the police procedural humor series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Scene shift! You’re sitting at your home desk (your new work headquarters), and you really need to put dreams into action — for your product! Chasing product usage journeys, hunting leads, interrogating customers for stories and negotiating your integration deals? For the product person in you, here are seven common character traits shown by our leading Nine-Nine stars.

If you chance upon every second person in a crowd, you can definitely hear their best past-time to be reading. It’s definitely not surprising, but every individual has an innate quality to consume information through reading. For some, it’s a pleasure, for a few it’s cumbersome, and for the rest it’s a mandate. While it’s not necessarily a qualification for product folks to inculcate the habit of reading, the ones who do it don’t go without returns.

With a bevy of well-known books written for anyone who wants to kickstart or ascend in a product career, including UI/UX design, product…

The year is 2004. An excited and anxious 9-year old kid sits on her broadcast booth, along with her classmates stationed in their respective booths. It was the first day of English Lab, and it was going to be an on-spot narration session, that will be broadcasted to all the listeners in the room. A randomly picking of topic, the round-robin lot, and the kid gets — who’s your favourite author? First narration, yet with the weight of making the first best impression, the kid goes to explain not just Enid Blyton’s name, but ‘why’ the author makes her feel…

Product is a serious business, they say. So is comedy. Well, watching an amusing comedy performance on stage can by far seem a different mise-en-scène from a four-walled den where teams collaborate on launching products. Not anymore, when there’s a livid parallelism between standup comedy and building products.

Sounds like an oxymoron? Here’s a rather comical-yet-logical run-through of how standup comedy influences tech products and the makers behind them.

‘Iterate’ be the motto

If there’s something I’ve seen consistently with the standup comedian/comedienne, both friends and extended folks, it’s the dedication to experiment and reinvent. Before they land up on that one joke, pun…

There has always been a transformation in the field of email marketing as it draws inspiration from various other domains. It’s not surprising to accept that the age-old concepts of human psychology are very much intertwined with the current email marketing practices. Psychologists have long considered human brain to be bifurcated into left and right, based on the style of thinking. With that being said, the right-brain and left-brain theories are broadly different, giving rise to different email marketing personalities and characteristics.

To understand this better, answer this quick questionnaire:

  1. How should your email marketing strategy be?

A. Logical


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