Do you identify this corpse?


Don’t be, eventually you will find out what this question actually means.

So, what do you feel is equality? I’m sure all of us have heard this and professed this a “hell lot times”. But practise, what about that?

When do remember taking a beggar’s child in hand because she/he was cute? Oh! Never right? And then we speak about equality!

Talking in Indian context, makers of the Indian Constitution have been very particular to make this an essential part of the Indian Law and Order or the ‘Constitution Of India’. The country which was in the past years experiencing great atrocities and facing problems such as untouchability, this was kind of meant to be.

Now, the question is, is there equality after 67 years of Independence? Frankly, NO! No equality among men, women and even children. Now when the topic is equality you do see the condition of women.

At this time when Rape has become “the famous crime” let’s concentrate on that. How is that it’s only in India that we are facing so many rape cases? Or is it that it is highlighted a lot more here than anywhere else?

If we go by the Wonderlist statistics, India does not come on the top in rape cases, yes it ‘does not’. But if we see around we might not feel the same way. According to some reports, it’s like every other person you know has been raped/assaulted/harassed in the so called developed nations of the world. The degrading, sexualizing, objectifying and trashing of women bodies has become a daily routine in all parts of the world.

Then why the point of convergence seems to lie here? Maybe, because of the harsh life which follows the victim here and not the convict. Rape has become a taboo and what you see happening is not so pleasing!

Instead of the man’s life being destroyed its generally the women’s life which becomes a deadlock. Continuously being under strain and stress of not being a ‘virgin’anymore! At a point when the person needs a lot of mental courage and support the society does everything which just shakes away the remaining life in the soul.

The women is not only declared ‘not fit for the society’ but also is disowned by her own family in the pressure to keep par with society even when the gruesome act has been done by the male. The male on the other hand after completing his sentenced term in the jail (if he is sentenced to) comes out and leads a pleasant life with a “family”.

Is it that those fearsome and almighty genitals convinced generations that they are superior? Or is that we made them feel that way?

If you see the traditional Indian family, wife is supposed to be subordinate not just to her husband but any male member in the family including her son. And what is more shocking is that even the literate persons have this same view for a women. They also want their girlfriend or wife to always act as per their likings. High time we get “educated” and not just literate. 
Ofcourse,what else can you expect of such a son who has just seen females to be an object to look down on and use for his own benefit. No wonder if the convicts don’t have any regret for the actions. You can’t just blame him.

It is so deep rooted that you can’t distant it from them. And so what ultimately happens is you leave the girl to suffer all her life. Either she will die of their pleasure acts and if she survives that, the only option left with her is “self-destruction” i.e suicide.

So, the ultimate question which comes to her doorstep will be , “DO YOU IDENTIFY THIS CORPSE”

Think about it!