Magic Circle — Rule Out Your Fear

(Hocuspocus of life)

Magic Circle, the word itself seems to have some kind of voodooism. Why is this so, that just hearing the word magic takes you to some kind of fantasy world? A place, which takes you to the heaven of heavens.

Okay, let’s talk about this taking a U turn from what we generally think, when we talk about magic. Let’s relate it to our life, the circle of our life. What if, it is that circle of your life being where you feel out of the world? Wouldn't that a wonderful feeling?

A place of complete satisfaction, satisfaction of achieving what you wanted to achieve. A sense of accomplishment! But wait, did you ever feel this circle covering you? No? Then it’s high time, get up and find out the reason why it didn't hug you yet?

Was it your fear? I'm sure most of you would have a yes for this question. ‘I didn't do this because I'm afraid of what they will say? What if I fail?’

But, wait what is better according to you, a failure deleted from your life or a success gained? To face the bright winter sun, you need to get out of your cozy blankets. So, just get out of this amenity and see the world around. When you get out to face this warmth, you will come to know there is much more to your life than just these creature comfort.

Explore! Explore yourself, your talents, your dreams. There is a lot more you can add to your life than just opulence. Conquer your fear and you will see a whole new cosmos.

Or you want it other ways where, your fear will crush you down and bring you to your knees? Will your worry increase even a second in your life, if so then keep worrying. If not then, shatter your fears, sail abroad and see a whole new horizon rising infront of you. As you sail across and see the horizon rising, you will be like, “ yes dude! I nailed it!”

You will have a feeling of reaching your celestial throne. This elation will blast all the pains of your failure.

Just get inside this magic circle and see the magic happen!
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