Escapism — A Route to Depression — 1

If you are happy with your profession, if you happy with the way things are shaping up, if you are genuinely happy and proud of yourself every night, this article is not for you.

The era of ‘getting a job’ and settling down with a house, car and a family with two kids is over for the majority. The ‘millennials’, as we are constantly referred to have a much deeper need. The need to be satisfied.

Satisfaction is extremely elusive in these times. We take up jobs either out of interest or the lure for hefty packages but at the end of day, even the independent lifestyle or the body foam mattress does not give us the peaceful sleep that we desire. There seems to be no end to these means often.

Many of us resort to escapism. We may not be alcoholics or drug abusers but getting into an endless circle of watching movies and shows, at the opportunity cost of work and progress is no different. We while away our time only to feel sad at the end of the day. It doesn’t take long for these everyday mini-failures to turn into depression as we realize that we are left with no one to blame but ourselves. We may be able to fool our family, loved ones, or even friends who are standing by us. But can we ever fool ourselves?

Though we know that it is not a road to success, we still constantly indulge in escapism. It’s the little things we keep ourselves immersed in which makes it impossible for us to realize where we are going wrong till it is too late. Our frustration with our jobs and desire to venture out on our own reflects in all those infuriating meeting with friends, where we pour over ‘never turning into reality’ plans while sipping on cappuccinos.

Hating oneself for certain actions is a passé. Despising oneself everyday for our inactivity or lack of progress has become a part of life. Self-love is considered only matters of shopping or pampering oneself. What about the liberation that our heart desires? What about doing something which feels just right from the core of us? What about doing something which gives us pleasure to work 24/7 and still have a satisfaction?

I have watch ‘FRIENDS’ for almost 5 times now completely. Ideally, I can get away with saying, that it is so hilarious, that I laugh every time, it makes bearing life better. But why do I need to bear life in the first place? What are the circumstances which force me to resort to a sitcom and a few repeated jokes for feeling happy than doing something productive? It’s completely possible that you are so madly in love with something that you engage in it constantly, but if that’s not the case, then it is time to rethink out life.

‘Frozen’ is a term which most of us can relate to. Every day is as dreary as dull as the other. We wake up with no real purpose, we go through the motions required of us and stay up till late because there was nothing exhausting about the day except for the constant sense of failure weighing in on us.

It is indeed true that we consider ourselves to be special and better than others which leads to a major crisis as we sit around expecting life to hand out chances while forgetting that we have to search and travel through the roads ourselves. It is time we realise this time loop where we are stuck, with every day resembling the other and own up the responsibility as to where we are, is due us.

Is there an end to escapism? Is escapism so harmful that we can’t get out of this vicious cycle? No it is not.

Escapism is a choice. A choice that we make. It’s like stacking a wall of dominos between reality and ourselves, only to have it topple all at once and come crashing down on us. How about we stop putting in the domino pieces in the first place?

Preferring to stare at a wall than read a couple of pages is my choice, which has built up to this moment. Deciding to sleep in late instead of going for a walk is my choice. Staying in the comforts of my parent’s house without a real risk is my choice. Standing in the boundaries and blaming the system is my choice. Going to office, finishing the designated work no matter how mediocre it is, while taking digs at the management is my choice. Watching a movie for the heck of it as I can’t bear doing a job is my choice. Imagining myself as the sassy, smart, and successful protagonist of my story from the comforts of my rooms is my choice. Having many interests but letting lethargy dominate my actions is my choice. Promising myself that tomorrow I will change, only to realize that it has been tomorrow for way longer than I can count is my choice. Realizing my health is failing and even at the prospect of a decaying life, deciding to feel sorry for myself rather than giving it a tough fight is my choice. Listening to the failing stories of people I know, and feeling assuaged that I am not the only one without taking it as a lesson is my choice. Above all to indulge in escapism constantly rather than own up to my actions and live life is my choice.

My choices have made me the person I am. It is time to realize that we are the only one who can help ourselves.