Professional Tips for Creating Hotel Website

A tempting individual hotel website will probably cost more than a common company website as it will require an interface to the back office software that is currently used, as well as connection to other third-party tools like payment portals or booking channels.

Make sure this investment will be seeded on a fertile field.

Let the visitors of your hotel website not overpassing it just because you’ve made any of the mistakes described below. Before you start, checkout some of the best pre-designed wordpress themes for hotels which are highly professional and can save you plenty of time & money!

Beside from the general rules for web design, pay attention to the following tips:

The best user experience

Quality of the design, content and user experience nowadays matters more than before. Browsing your website is like window shopping and you have to do your best to arrange everything the way that convince people to make a booking.

You should consider redesigning of your whole website if you’re not happy with your current conversion rates.

It’s whole package starting from compelling descriptions, professional photos and videos that create emotion as we mentioned above to navigation and final CTA.

Make your website look uncluttered and as simple as possible. From user perspective make your navigation simple and promote the best information at the top.

Don’t give people a chance to leave just because they can’t find what they want.

Real-time booking

Real-time booking on your hotel website is a must. „Send us a query and we will respond within 24 hours“ is a substitution of „Go and find some other place where to make a reservation” of nowadays.

A booking engine tool will communicate with your internal software and enable a „Book now“ button, meaning an instantly confirmed reservation.

Channel Manager

You might get into a situation when you compete with yourself by having different prices on various online sale channels like, or

Well, there is a term called price differentiation, i.e. offering the same product for a different price and/ or conditions based on various target groups.

However, this doesn’t apply to the online world for hotel industry anymore.

Make sure the prices displayed on your website are the most current ones and in line with the pricing on any other partner channels.

Otherwise, you might lose a customer due to pointlessly high price easily or he will simply overpass your website, leaving you with a decreased google ranking in return.

Check the middleware solutions for managing all your advertising channels. Because as your business starts growing, there will be no time for manual tracking of the rates across the points of sale.

Draw attention to exclusive deals

Exclusive offers are one of the ways how to drive direct bookings. It doesn’t necessarily has to be a discounted price. That’s why deals and offers should be included in the top level menu navigation or visible on the homepage to draw attention.

Special offer means also something unique you offer and the users can’t find it somewhere else. People will recognize you because of that one special feature that no one else has.

M-commerce conscious

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and customized to retain a perfect user experience for mobile users. You can bet, that more than 50 % of the worldwide clients will book through m-commerce. And the last-minute bookers will be half of the portion as the recent data of showed.

Knowing this, enable quick and accessible booking through mobile.

There will be three critical moments of maintaining it successfully:

  1. Place a ‘click-to-book’ button in an area that can be found comfortably. Make it reachable at a glance.
  2. Add links to Google maps, so that the address can be viewed in one click
  3. Mobile optimisation: Create a site that auto-adjusts based on the size of a smartphone or tablet.

Approach to security

Savvy consumers are becoming more sensitive to internet safety and might feel uncomfortable to share credit card details or personal data to an unverified page.

Travellers expect you to have…

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