Aitheon’s Pilot Program is a proof of how AI and Robotics can create jobs

Backed by prominent AI experts, Aitheon engages users and product testers through multiple innovative platforms that are all part of the new ecosystem.

Aitheon is planning to offer a wide variety of robotic and AI solutions through its Ethereum-blockchain. The Pilot Program is one among that, which would enable freelancers to become “pilots”, remote robot operators that work through the blockchain. Pilots will be certified through accredited programs and trained in conjunction with the robot manufacturer and Aitheon. Also, a pilot can choose to be trained on multiple types of robots.

When the robot cannot solve a situation and needs assistance, the pilots from remote locations can operate them. A stand by pilot can link in and take control either to complete the task or advise correction. Once the task is completed or the robot no longer needs a Pilot’s guidance, the robot can request control from the Pilot. Once the Pilot grants control back to the robot, the Pilot will be placed in standby mode for the next robot that needs the Pilot’s assistance.

Aitheon Pilots use a web of connectivity that will allow them to perform a virtual handshake with the robot and take over in areas ranging from but not limited to: manufacturing, retail, self-driving vehicles, drones, emergency services, and thousands of other applications.

For instance, the platform allows a Pilot who is in California to take control of an autonomous vehicle in Denmark, when the self-driving vehicle needs assistance circumnavigating a closed road or if the AI needs help parking the vehicle.

Aitheon’s self-driving Jeep Rubicon was one of the first real-world tests of the technology. Archer took the Rubicon for a “test-drive” on the famous Rubicon Trail off-road course in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, one of the hardest off-road courses. The hope of the company’s founder and CEO; Andrew Archer, is to alleviate the effects of technological unemployment with technology.