I called Help Desk

ring, ring…
“to continue in English please press 1”
ring, ring…
“for password reset…” press 1
“for some other shit” press 2
“for technical issues, bla-bla” press 3
“Due to the high volume of f..ked up situations in our company all our agents are busy right now. Please wait for next available representative. Please note, your call will be recorded for training purposes.”


Dumps, dumps, dum. 
Dumps, dumps, dum

Sexy voice 
“Do you know that now you can 
reset your password by yourself. All you need is just to register yourself in the password self-reset service”

Dumps, dumps, dum. 
Dumps, dumps, dum
Turu-ru-tutu. …

30 min later.

Ring, ring …

“Agen’ Ra-u-gd-a speakin..Can I have yor’ las’ an’ firs’ name, pleez’. “
“Arman Ayvazyan” 
“can yo’ repit i’, pleez’”
“Ar-man Ay-va-zyan”
“ok, mistR Ay-vay-zay. Haw can’i help yo’ toda’..pleez’”
“I have an issue with my browser, I lost all my favourites”
“ah, ah. ok, ok. mmm, ok”
Typing, mumbling ..”lost brozer, favrits’”
In 5 min. 
“ok mistR Ay-vay-zan, ‘m gonna cOnnect to you’ camputr’, and vi gonna check. ok?”
“Yes, sure. Go ahead”
Popup on the screen. 
“User adim-rashkpur request a connection to your station “
Mouse started moving by itself
“aha, mmm, aha. Mmm, aaa. ok, ok. It is, maybe this, ok? mmm, aha, aha. This foldr’ aha. ok? I gonna do zis, ok? mmm…”

Silence. Mouse still moving. Folders are getting open and closed by themselves.

“MistR Ay-vay-” 
I interrupt
“Yes, I am here”
“Thank you” I feel his appreciation for interrupting 
“Mist..’” paused, caught himself on the same mistake 
“Im gonna op’na ticket, ok? “

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