What is Top Repost Magazine ?

What is Top Repost Magazine?


Top Repost Magazine is an online magazine featuring talented photographers and artists on Instagram. It also a community where people connect to each other . It publishes Instagram posts and shares on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and other platforms. That makes our publications visible to larger audience, which benefits us and content owners . We give full credit to content owner. Our goal is to grow and provide better value to our community members. Top Repost Magazine does not pursue commercial interest in near future. Yet, to generate funds for maintenance and development, we engage with different people to provide services. Our services include social media profile and website creation, engagement boost, account management or existing account transfer and so on.

Why Instagram ?

I @arman_ayva

I am a founder of Top Repost Magazine and I have a quite a bit experience in social network. I tried almost everything, starting from Google Plus, Twitter, FB and ending with Instagram. Since I am also an amateur photographer and have accounts on 500px, EyeEm, Flickr, Getty and so on.

So why Instagram? I find Instagram the most interactive platform where people connect , share posts and enjoy the process. As other platforms it also a powerful advertisement tool. I am giving just one trivial example, but of course there more to it.

Let’s say you are a real estate agent. Imagine you have 5k followers from the city you are doing your business. And I am talking about 5k real people. You publish a new post about a condo you want to sell. Within 24 hours you have a potential to reach out to at least 2k people. And not just show your product, but also interact, provide details, answer their questions. You can do live feed open houses with 100th of people at the same time, directly answer to their questions. To me the potentials are incredible. Of course you can do the same on FB, yet the challenge with FB is that you get connections only if you pay. And this is just a small example to give the taste.

If you want to get into more details how Instagram can benefit your business, do some research on Google.

For beginning I suggest start with

10 Reasons to Use Instagram for Your Business

Now, assuming you need or want Instagram, let’s continue.

How to get real followers on Instagram?

Let’s talk about how to get real people to follow you. Since we are talking about real people, there is no magic wand. It is a matter of real connections and there a several ways of making it happened.

  1. I am going to list some of them as not recommended and some as recommended .
  2. Not recommended
  3. Buying followers. I strongly recommend not to buy followers. Even if they are real accounts. Simply because, they have no interest in your posts, and they are just follower numbers. They actually do more bad than good to your account. The post you publish get circled in your followers feed, if your post get less reactions, less chances real people will see it.
  4. Publishing boring and bad quality posts. Many people, especially small business owners continuously publish boring products. Believe me there would be limited real people following that kind of account
  5. Using robot services. There tonnes of applications out there with low cost for auto likes, follow/unfollow and so on. It may work for you, but be careful, because Instagram watches you. By using those apps you carry the risk to be banned. And it sucks, especially after you spend money on it.
  6. Paying to bad influencers . As soon as you start your instagram, you are going to be hit with tones of DMs about shoutout. 90% of them will deliver fake or ghost users to you, plus fake likes on your post. So be careful, do resales before paying someone.


  1. Publishing stand out, creative posts. The content matters. People will follow your profile if they enjoy what they see. If you are posting only products, than definitely you need to spend money on hiring professionals. But that will cost you a lot. As workaround you can post other interesting stuff as nature, city, or funny things. And once in a while publish news about your products.
  2. Connect to real people, follow their feed, like and comment. In one word, interact. There are two challenges with this. One, how find real people, there are so many fake accounts on Instagram. And two, the time you going to spend on it.
  3. Shoutout on influencers pages . Of course many influencer pages are real, and most of them don’t ask any payments. But it is challenging to get on their pages. There are other good once, with paid services. We know who to deal with for the best outcome.

What Top Repost Magazine Offers

Now it is time to describe what Top Repost Magazine can do for you. I will list not limited list of values we can provide.

  1. Time as money. As I mentioned above, to get to real people you have to spend time abd to find them, and to interact with them. That is the only way to get real and engaged followers. Now, just do the math.Spending your time, one for learning how to do it, second on doing it for hours per day. Or pay to professionals who knows what to do and how to do it.
  2. Network . As of today I cannot claim that we have a huge network, but also don’t have high prices. The network we have is perfect for starters on Instagram. With the network we have it take us a month to get account up to 1K real engaged followers. And keep in mind that we grow real fast.
  3. Knowledge. Instagram is quite complex, with its community rules and usage benefits. To gain the knowledge of using it to full power requires a good time of research and experience. We spend many hours on the application, and we have that knowledge. All you need is just use us.

How collaboration with Top Repost Magazine works?

All begins with discussing your needs and budget. Every budget can work, the questions is what you get against it. Even with 50$ we can give you a nice setup profile with at least 200 real real followers, and instructions to continue building on it yourself. Delivery time is one week.

Here is an snapshot of a recent account we created 4 days ago. Even with 411 followers , we get about 400 likes and 15 comments. Again there is no magic. It is all matter of good content, attracting followers by finding and following them and creating real connection with real people. And we are good at it. https://www.instagram.com/dailyfeed_nyc/

  • With 100$ budget you can become owner of already existing account with at least 500 followers. Of course there is no guarantee if follows will stick with you if you turn around the profile, yet a great way to jump start of your Instagram journey

Here is an example of what you can get .

And by the way, those prices are matter of discussion, it can very based on the profile you are looking for. To clarify the approach, more general the account, less the effort to create it, and thus less the cost, more specific per geography or interest, more effort and more cost.

  • With bigger budget such as 500$ we can commit to work on your account for one month and deliver about 3k to 5k real engaged followers. We also will build and connect it with other social platform, such as website, FB, Twitter, Google and so on. Again it is a matter of discussion based on specifics of your project.

For example the @hello_streets account created about a month ago, now yhe posts get up to 900 likes, 20 comments and 2.5k impressions

  • We also open to discuss continues long term collaboration, managing Instagram account starting from creating unique content, scheduled publishing, gain targeted followers applying thoroughly analyzed hashtags, continuously reposting in our network and so on.
  • Referral program is a great way to make side money. We offer from 5% to 15% cut for your referral.

Check it out the gig on https://www.fiverr.com/share/43EoG

Final notes

I want to re-iterate again, Top Repost Magazine does not pursue commercial interests. What does it mean?

The development of the magazine by itself requires expenses, such as paying influencers, developing website, pay for domain and web hosting, pay for effort to experts, administration and so on. We sell services to cover those expenses and when we make a profit it goes to development of the magazine. We stick to our mission to become an influencer hub for promoting our talented community members.

Best regards,

Arman Ayva

Founder of Top Repost Magazine