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Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence are technologies that have significant potential and individually can revolutionize industries. There is a strong case for the convergence of AI and blockchain technologies, as combining these technologies and using them in tandem would completely revolutionize industries and existing business models. The use of blockchain technology would improve transparency, security, and the privacy of business processes. Artificial Intelligence can chip in by learning and detecting patterns, analyzing data, and optimizing outcomes.

At AIWORK, we are among the first to combine blockchain and AI and are pioneering the convergence of blockchain and AI with our open-source…

Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence are both technologies that are at the forefront of digital transformation, with both technologies set to disrupt several industries. The convergence of these technologies has the potential to create new business models, new applications and improve existing technology. A market forecast conducted by Tractica concluded that the AI space is set to grow from the current $9.5 Billion to $118 Billion by 2025. Similarly, when we look at blockchain technology, an overwhelming number of professionals interviewed stated that blockchain technology is their organization’s main focus.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain can be described as a distributed ledger that stores…

AIWORK is an open-source and decentralized blockchain network that utilizes a consensus group consisting of Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing resources backed by a team of human experts. It generates enhanced metadata for video content which can lead to a lot of useful applications.

The platform is truly elevating transcription and translation services, setting the stage for the next shift in this industry to a more digitized and seamless experience.

What is Open Source?

Open source can refer to a project or platform where its source code is accessible to everyone and can be modified or enhanced by individuals. It allows people to improve upon…

Token Issuance

The AIWORK token is an ERC20 Token that is native to the AIWORK platform. The total supply of AIWORK is 10 billion with no additional issuance in the future.

The majority of these tokens will be issued to the community to serve as incentives for fuelling the platform’s growth. Upon launch, the platform will allow users to provide their computing resources for AI processing or human expertise for tagging, verification, transcription, and translation. …

AI Work

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