You've done bits mate. A lot of bits. Don’t ever forget that. In the pursuit of the future and our lofty ambitions we forget that we have achieved a lot of things people cant even fathom. The fact that you're thinking this way is a blessing. You have ambition but don’t let that ever belittle your current achievements.

Listen to 6lack Alone/EA6 from 5 minute onward. Describes the crossroad you are at creatively.

Continue to put your energy out there and it will attract people. I’m here because I like your work and see a lot of potential. A mentor that is right will see this too. You’ve probably heard this before but physically seek out the people you want to emulate, find people that are similar go to meet ups for professionals and just talk and be yourself, your vibe will attract people. I’m writing this to myself as much as to you. 2017 is going be a testing year like every year. But progress and achievements will be made. You got this bro.