79% Is Not Enough. Women Deserve More.

What are men, chopped liver? I’ll bet Liza Landsmen makes more money than 99% of men. Why is that?

I have been in the construction related industry for most of my life and I have yet to meet a woman working in that field. Why?-Because they don’t have the strength or the interest. Construction like most work that requires more physical aptitude and pays a lot more than sitting at a desk or checkout stand. Men have 13.6 times work related death than women because they don’t want those strenuous, dangerous jobs.

Clebrate “Equal Occupational Fatality Day” July 29th — click the link below.

My ex, like many women took off time for childbirth and to raise children rather than work and put the kids in a kennel like so many do today. Those things explain the disparity.

My current wife makes 5 times as much as I do, in the Real Estate industry. Am I going to whine and complain about the disparity? Not on your life.

She is successful because she’s smart, works hard and chose the right occupation.

I came over to Jet.com because Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com and WashPost couldn’t seem to keep his nose out of politics. I am going back to Amazon to some extent and Ebay. If you own a business keep your politics to yourself or you could lose 50% of your customers.

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