I am excited to say that after more than five years of building, failing, crying, and laughing, Ulyngo has been acquired by one of the fastest growing and most exciting technology companies in HigherEd, Modo Labs.

When we created Ulyngo, our mission was to unify the commercial lives of students…

Are police stations the only safe spaces to buy and sell?

The public is now so concerned about the safety issues that exist on platforms like Craigslist, Facebook, OfferUp, etc. that they’ve turned to their police for help.

Police Stations, The New Flea Markets

Over the last few years there has been significant coverage on the initiative taken by Police Station’s to provide members of their community…

Alex Jekowsky

Founder of @ulyngo (acq. Modo), software, hardware, and payments nerd, metaphorical juggler.

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