Re: Freddie Gray

That officer driving the “rough ride” van was acquitted. I haven’t read too far into the cases, but from what I’ve read of this case (and the previous cases that went to the officers), there wasn’t enough evidence to conclusively prove anything.

The key word here is conclusive. As in “beyond reasonable doubt.”

Which is why I’m not angry about the officer getting acquitted.

The criminal justice system is biased toward innocence. If the evidence is murky, the defense wins, because American criminal justice is biased to let guilty people go free (as opposed to sending innocent people to jail).**

**Yeah, yeah, 90% of criminal cases go to plea deals, and law enforcement is inconsistent, and structures of oppression are built into criminal justice. I know that. Those are bugs in the system that are exploited by people in power.

But “beyond reasonable doubt” is an especially HIGH burden of proof. We know those officers killed Freddie Gray about as well as we know that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin — or as well as we know that O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

We aren’t certain enough to lock these people enough — but we’re certain enough to know that they’re murderers.

Certain enough to denounce their actions.
Certain enough to call them monsters.
Certain enough to talk about violence. Or racism. Or police brutality.

Especially racism and police brutality.

Because it’s real.

And it’s going to happen again.

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