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A wise Japanese monk put a pigeon in a basket to ship him to a new born child destined for greatness in a non-descript suburb of New Jersey. However said monk used a very flimsy label attached with fine strands of his own hair. Japanese hair weakened by years of Head & Shoulders gave way and the label flew off into the sunset. The basket was put on a cart being pushed by a bored pimple-faced early-20’s employee headed to Lost & Found. Lost in another round of 2048 with two 1024’s on diagonally opposite ends of the square the cart-pusher didn’t notice the basket tumble off. Toothpick baskets aren’t known for their strength and it split open upon impact freeing the pigeon to wander the terminal for eternity. Until a very handsome grey haired professor with a weak heart finds him and takes him home.

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