So here I am, a 22 years old guy trying to figure out ‘life’. I am young enough not to understand everything like a 62 years old man and old enough to be fooled by a gimmick. So I am at a strange stage in my life where I want to do so much, I want to inspire people.. but the question is.. “HOW?”

So the thing is, the people I meet in life everyday, no one ever tells me the truth about life and how to live it ‘perfectly’ (if that’s a thing!). Everyone tells me “Dream big, work hard and you will achieve whatever you want!” — the usual stuff. and everytime my reply is “really? Is it that easy? Great!” If it really is that easy, then why do I see so many unhappy people around me? I see people who are doing Jobs they are extremely unhappy with, I see people of my age unhappy with their schools and families and relationships and whatnot. I see people unhappy with the bussinesses they run. Most of all, I see people who are afraid of their own lives.

If this is the case, there IS something wrong with all these people! And the thing which frightens me the most is “Am I also going to be one of these people? Is my life also going to be the same as these people? — afraid of taking risks, always in a confusion, always trying so hard to survive, Not trying something new because we are so afraid of failure, not try to change the life, not trying to break the rules, always living that “Safe”life?

and then die without changing anyting.. Unsatisfied?” ugh!

I hear people say that you live only once, and that’s true. Of course! You get this life only once. But I don’t understand why poeple make everything so difficult and complicated. Why don’t they just live the life they want and follow their hearts? What is everyone so afraid of? And if in case something goes wrong.. Why don’t they have the courage to Rise?

Well, you might be thinking, this guy has a very pessimistic approach. But no, I am not being pessimistic here. I am just curious to know what is all this? I want to know why people hide these things from us “young” people? where they should tell us every harsh truth about life, Everything that goes into leading a successful life.

I just want to know the truth.