The Match, Part 2

Scene 2: In the Car

Avery and her brother Elliot, a young man older than Avery, are in the car together. He is dressed in business casual clothing. Elliot keeps his eyes on the road and Avery looks out the passenger side window. The two sit in silence for a while.

Elliot: I can’t believe you’re entering the Underground. That is so incredibly stupid of you. They don’t care if either of the fighters is ten years old, a girl or a boy, or in a different weight class; they put everyone against each other. And there are no real rules.

Avery: I didn’t call you to judge me. I called you to drive.

Avery continues to stare out the window, looking and sounding disinterested in conversation.

Elliot: Avery!

Avery turns to face her brother with a sudden burst of energy.

Avery: Be quiet! It’s not like I am asking you for the tournament money! I want to earn it myself. I just want to go a few rounds and win enough to go the championships!

The two fall into silence in the vehicle.

Elliot(after a long silence): Just don’t do anything you’ll regret.