The Match, Part 4 Finale

Scene 4: The Hospital

The stage lights are dark. Sirens drone and emergency lights flash. The sounds of car doors slamming and tense conversation echo across the stage. The sounds cease gradually. The lights come up on a hospital bed. Avery is attached to a ventilator and lying asleep under the white covers. Her face is battered and her arms appear bruised. Her mother stands in the hallway conversing with a doctor.

Doctor: Ma’am, I’m sorry to say, but, at this point, we don’t know how serious the injuries are.

Mother(speaking in a panicked and rushed manner): But she is going to be alright? My daughter’s mind won’t be affected? What about the damage to her face? None of the marks are permanent, right?

Doctor(not doing a good job hiding his discomfort with the mother’s prodding): I- I really can’t say. I’m sorry.

The doctor disappears down the hallway. Mother wipes away her tears and exits through a side door.

Enter Elliot. He marches down the hallway and enters Avery’s room. He steps slowly to her bedside and looks down at the girl. His face and body language express conflicting emotions, but pity is clearly displayed. Avery slowly awakens. She mutters something unintelligible. Elliot is surprised at his sister’s sudden speech.

Elliot(in a soft voice): What did you say?

Avery mutters once more.

Elliot(sounding frustrated): What? Just speak up! I’m not happy that you got yourself beat up even though I warned you. I bet you won’t even be able to compete in the championship! Not in this condition.

Avery(in a whisper shout): I beat him. I won…

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