The iPad Turnaround Is Coming
Jean-Louis Gassée

Sad thing is: lot of clients would buy a Mac that get an update… on the opposite, those regular hardware iPad updates are not helping sales. Isn’t it sad that Apple could sale more Mac if they cared a bit more? Can’t read future but I can make two observations. First is that the lake of renewal on the Mac portfolio is hurting sales… 6 months after introducing new MBP and promising more will come, it is a disappointment to see that desktop line is like a car that is 20 years old. Second, iPad not only lost 50% sales in a couple of years, yoy it is down 20%… it’s not recovering, it’s continuing to plunge. From an innovation, hardware and software point of view, since the iPad Pro, nothing is new and this poor announcement last week will not increase sales. So yes, June is just around the corner but it better comes with tones of announcements from a software and hardware point of view because if not, I can’t see this ecosystem being tomorrow’s leader.

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